Race: Highlander,

Class: Expert level 20

Alignment: CG

Abilities: Str: 12, Dex: 13, Con? , Int: 14, Wiz:10, Cha 20,

Saves: Fort+5, Ref+5, Will+9

Skills: move silent4, hide4, climb4, disable divice4, listen4, leadership4, listen4, open lock4, search4, spot4, use magic divice4, pickpocket4, decipher script 4, bluff 4, intimidate 4, knowledge (history) 10, knowledge (torchwood) 10, knowledge (aliens/monsters) 10,   

Feats: Disarming looks [general]

Your physical appearance can fool other people into ignoring your other attributes, ability, or faults.

Benefit: once per day you may reroll any bluff, diplomacy, gather information, or intimidate check in which you gender and physical appearance may apply. You must accept the second roll regardless of the outcome

Immunities (Ex): poison and disease 

Regeneration (Ex):  same as Tarrasque, only a wish or miracle spell can keep him dead.

Equipment: belt of keeping pants on, suspenders of keeping pants on